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Brenda Gower reviews Sleeping Beauty.

December, 2019

SLEEPING BEAUTY by Fred Aylin - 6th December, 2019
This is always the first panto of my Christmas Season and Sleeping Beauty is a lovely one to start with. The story of a Princess being put to sleep for a 100 years and then to be awoken by a Handsome Prince is truly magical.
Nice performances from Sarah Jones and Jess Sacco as Princess Katrina and Prince Stephen. Queen Gotta and King Justa (Matt Shooman and Wendy Clare) completed the Princess’ family not forgetting Mandie Fairhall as Prince Arfer, who to me, stole the show with her performance of this character!
Lynn Enever as Teresa was a great companion for the Princess and the wicked Wazere, looking and sounding very evil, was expertly played by Georgie Bancroft and fun ensued from the comedy pair Lord Now and Lady Then played by Ian Sander-Cawley and Judith Foot. Judith also wrote the opening song “Welcome to our Pantomime” which got things off with a swing.
A lot of good work also from the rest of the cast, including the smaller parts and, of course, the villagers and frogs.
We were treated to a good deal of expert dancing from the Harlequin Dance Studio Dancers using many styles of dance and always looking well turned out in their costumes.
The scenery was ideal and the use of the clocks in scenery and costumes in the setting of the Kingdom of Inajiffy was a lovely touch.
There was excellent accompaniment from Ricky Horscraft and his Show Band who also musically directed. All those backstage workers made everything work well with Michele Harden as Stage Manager and many thanks to Tony Garwood (Director) and his Assistant Directors Mandie Fairhall and Michelle Roman for kicking off the Panto Season in style.
Brenda Gower Regional NODA Representative

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